A top Bitcoin tumbler for every cryptocurrency owner – Bestmixer review

Description: Which facts can prove that the service is the best? Today we’ll show you our attempts to find out them on the example of Bestmixer.

Bestmixer was created as a cryptocurrency mixer with an aim to delete all personal information from the transacting history. This prevents robberies and third parties’ interference of any kind. So now let’s estimate whether the mentioned service is successful. If this article isn’t enough and you want to compare our words with the reality, visit https://bestmixer.io/en.


Everything for your anonymity

The developers wanted to combine the most effective functions in one place. As a result, Bestmixer is SSL Secured, Tor-friendly and provides its clients with an absolutely anonymous mixing. Nobody asks for a name, an incoming address is generated automatically, even the creators’ names are unknown as the location of data centers. Also, after the coins are changed, all information is deleted within a day.

Other features and possibilities

To become the “top Bitcoin tumbler” mixing services should attract more users. Bestmixer manages with it by mixing 3 types of cryptocurrency: Litecoun, Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash. Moreover, there’s a variety of mixing pools (Alpha, Beta and Gamma). The first one is for clients’ money, the second pool contains clients’ coins, investments and money from private reserves, the last one is full of investments and private crypto.

It’s not a full list of Bestmixer’s advantages. If you’re still thinking about whether to rely on this website or not read other articles which are in a “Press” section.